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Inner Beauty

Energy Session 90

Physical beauty is only skin deep, but inner beauty shines from within and creates a Radiant beauty of it's own.  

Based on the idea that energy flows through us and is what causes us to be alive, energy sessions balance and align the whole person and enable the effects of relaxation and well-being.  If our energy is low, then we are more likely to get sick or experience stress.  When our energy is high, we are more capable of experiencing health and happiness.  Healing sessions address the energies such as thoughts, experiences, relationships, beliefs, memories, or ideas which prevent you from living in your fullness. 

Although we are completely capable of healing ourselves, energy sessions simply allow us to remember the truth and the beauty that has always been at our core.  A session provides a space for you to address any entanglements that hold you back and can facilitate the awareness and release of anything that stands in the way of you shining your magnificent self.  

Healing sessions are both energetic and intuitive and are often times transformative.  Each session is wonderfully unique and the privacy of every client is always respected.

Clinical benefits may also include: increased relaxation, reduction of anxiety and stress, relief from insomnia, prevention of illness, increased energy, relief for chronic fatigue, acceleration of wound healing, relief of pain.  Also aids in the preparation and follow up after medical treatments and procedures.  Compliments traditional approaches to health and healing.  Also helpful with symptoms of ADD/ADHD, and for those on the Autism Spectrum.